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Instructors: Rudra Mahindra' Chauhan

This program is Designed for those who already have Professional Experience & for a Newly Professional who is Starting the Career & Even for a Pursuing Graduate Student!


You Need to Say, What the Interviewer What to Listen to, Not What You are!

iTopACT Offers You India’s First Program within Itself to Become You as an Interview & Job Expert. End-to-end Solution for the Discomfort & Pain Areas in Interviews, Career Growth, Promotion, Increments, Salary Hike & Job Search. A Program that Solves Your Problem with Handhold Support in the Your Growth Journey!

This Course is for You

What this Program can do for You, & Why This Program is for You?

I am sure, you want a bright & successful career, with attractive salary package, designation, work-life balance. Not as opposite, a too struggling life with full-on hard work, where result always would be below average. Decision is yours!

If You Can Correlate Either Any or All the points

Course Curriculum

9 + International Interviewer & 

10 + International Language Accents

100+ Questions and Answers in 32 Videos. The Real Power & the Magic of this Program 

How This Program Can Boost Your Career Growth?

The Real Power is 100 + BONUS Questions & Answers. Yes, the Answers, that Interviewer can ask in your next Interview. This is the Real Magic of this Program.


We Appreciate the Feedback, What our Applicant Say!

Excellent advice! This is absolutely critical to make a strong impression on hiring managers and recruiters. Also, I got extended help and support from iTopACT team Highly recommending program

Santosh Singh, Learner from India(Rajasthan)

It's been 4years I’ve started working, these program video, which helped me to clear many interviews with ease. Good job & thanks iTopACT team

Alka Suredia, Learner from India(Haryana)

I saw Bonus video & program at least 3 times, and then I went for interview and got selected.... Thank you so much iTopACT team, recommending program!

Priya Rajput, Learner from India(Uttar Pradesh)

My confidence is high after using program tip & all the bonus questions and answers. I job selected with 2 weeks in 3 good companies..! Thank you very much

Namita Jalindra, Learner from India(Delhi)

Thank you for sharing the tips how to clear and answer in the interview, I applied the same & got selected for a Sr. Accounts Analyst role. Thanking you once again & keep sharing the new things so that we can grow in our career...! Highly recommending program who want to grow in the career

Neha Bharti, Learner from India(Rajasthan)

One of my friends got 3 jobs as a fresher and when I asked the secret, he referred this program to me. Program are very useful with lot of tips and advice. I really appreciate the iTopACT team effort

Saheel Pandey, Learner from India(Bihar)

Quite amazing. Program style is accessible & approachable. Teaching way makes learning process so easy. Thanks a lot for being so much inspiring, every month I am getting new Q&A as well! Highly recommending program who want to grow in the career

Amit Singh, Learner from India(Punjab)

Don’t know about others but I really want to thank iTopACT team, because I followed rule in both of my interviews and I got selected in both of them..! iTopACT team resolved my all other questions and queries. Very good information

Hari Shankar, Learner from India(Maharashtra)

I cracked second Interview in top MNC, just because I have seen this video just two before the interview. Thank you so much...! Career Booster Program, Highly Recommending!

Nilesh Kumari, Learner from India(J&K)

I got selected in three interviews, with help of this Program. Career Booster program taught me how easily & diplomatic describe the answer. Also, my current company retained me with good hike. Good invest in the Career Booster Program

Mayank, Learner from India(Gujarat)

You are Rocking iTopACT & Career Booster Program. I got my promotion (deserved promotion) in my current company, using all the tip & point from this Program. I also referred this to my son, (pursuing graduate), and he found very useful. Good job & good luck iTopACT team

Rohit Rohilla, Learner from India(Bangalore)

Thank you for motivating and improving my Career growht. The way you explain in your video is very Impressive simple, & easy to understand. Thanks , once again... I do recommend this program to everyone, who have desire to grow their career! This program can do that!

Dharmendra Rajbhar, Learner from India(Haryana)

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